The story from the beginning

or: how to write history.

Norbert Mayr had the opportunity to co-found a printing business after completing the typesetter apprenticeship and a one-year stay in Switzerland to enhance his expertise. 5 years later – strengthened by the knowledge gained during the 2-year weekly master class in Ravensburg and after gaining some practical experience – he founded the sole proprietorship Norbert Mayr in April of 1961 with a licence for the manufacturing of lead typesetting in letter form.

A market niche in and near Vorarlberg immediately resulted in full employment for the one-man start-up operation. The multi-shift operation soon satisfied even the most sophisticated requirements of clients at home and abroad by training a young typesetter assistant in-house as a machine typesetter and adding several assistant typesetters.

However, the age of lead typesetting was short-lived – filmsetting would follow and thus the founding of a new limited filmsetting company. Norbert's son Christof joined the company as a reprography technician, and the typesetting operation developed into an expanded reprography enterprise with photo camera and laser exposure device. We have always been in tune with the times; even back then one could read about MRS in various technical articles all over Europe:

"Flexibility and uncompromising quality – Mayr Record Scan in Wolfurt (Austria) has installed one of the first DT-R3100 large-format exposure devices in Europe by Dainippon Screen."

The cooperation between father and son proved successful, and the business was passed on to the founder's son Christof on 1 January 1995, who expanded the initial one-man start-up operation into a thriving repro/digital/photo and print enterprise with state-of-the-art drum scanners and laser recorders.

The activation of an Indigo digital print machine in 1997 and years later

– in May of 2006 – the first 7-colour digital printing machine in Europe were further milestones in the history of Mayr Record Scan. The photo studio Sillaber-Mayr in Dornbirn was founded in September of the same year as an ideal complement to the existing prepress operation.

A well-trained team of over 25 employees, trained in-house, as well as

state-of-the-art technology ensure that Mayr, under the leadership of Christof and with a partner operation in Schaan (FL), is among the leading businesses in prepress and digital print technology in the Euro region of Lake Constance.

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